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Dear friends, clients and colleagues,
Since my very first project as independent advisor in 1990-92 advising Danish Hebe Growers Association on successful flowering and growing of their outdoor grown potted crop (after Phd studies in New Zealand on the same subject), I have had the pleasure of advising and inspiring the entire green sector in R&D, plant breeding, new assortments according to international market trends, as well as setting up a R&D facility in one of my favorite climate and natural environments (South Africa) from 2000 to 2007.
The plants in my life have been numerous and plenty. I like to see the plants as my babies which I nurse, grow and sense the soul of, and I am happy to see them all thrive as popular garden plants, house plants and bedding plants in gardens and houses all over the world.

The last few years I have taken a tiny break in this beloved plant environment, but I have never doubted that natural plants are my favorites and that I think they belong in every persons life to enhance life quality and happiness as green pets, food and pleasure.

The break has given me an opportunity to rethink and reformulate my mission and vision. This is a great feeling and a gift to be able to take a deep breath and fine-tune my engagements and interests.

The new Team Growhow is based on previous years experiences, skills, network and bridge building mission.

We offer our engagement and expertise towards a green sustainable organic and self-sufficient future for individuals, organizations, companies and cultures.

Local is bountiful

We are back in business :-)

Gavmilde haver

Indretning af haven Scroll ned og find mange tips, idéer og gode råd om indretningen og omstillingen til din naturvenlige gavmilde have ELEMENTER I DEN GAVMILDE HAVE Vandet i haven Vand i haven skal her ikke kun forståes som en rislende bæk drevet af en el-motor, eller en havedam med cement i bunden for at vandet ikke

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