Market developments

In a time of great changes from fossil fuel to climate-wise energy solutions and developments,

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Plant breeding

We like improving and brightening plant species to suit production, garden and house environments.

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Research & Developement

Team Growhow specializes in the “domestication process” for plants from nature to be grown successfully in growing systems.

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P1000949Since our foundation in 1990 we have worked with all parts of the green industry, nationally as well as internationally: producers, breeders, distributors, exporters, retailers, as well as consumer groups. Continuously, we see our mission as building bridges and providing opportunities between the green industry’s many players and the tendencies, that develop from conscious consumers desires and needs, ie. sustainable and edible gardens.

Igennem Team Growhow’s over 20 årige virke har vi betjent alle led i den grønne branche, nationalt, såvel som internationalt: producenter, forædlere, distributører, eksportører, detailhandelen, så vel som private forbrugergrupper. Vi ser det fortsat som vor fornemste opgave at bygge bro mellem den grønne branches mange aktører og de strømninger, der udspringer af bevidste forbrugeres ønsker og krav, for eksempel bæredygtige og spiselige haver.